Carnet de voyage en Australie
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Carnet de voyage en Australie :
Darwin - Sydney en 40 jours et 10.000 km

Flore australienne rencontrée

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Australia travel and guide book: Darwin to Sydney in 40 days and 10,000 km
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Oseille sauvage

  • Nom local : Bladder dock or Blister sorrel or Country sorrel or Rosy dock
  • Classification (Famille - Genre espèce) : Polygonaceae - Rumex vesicarius
  • Description : Référence Ausmade
    Rosy Dock is a fleshy-leafed annual, that is often seen after good winter rains, spread throughout the outback. It has been seen on sandy, stony and gravelly soil. It is also found growing along roadsides, disturbed areas, wasteland, gardens, creekbeds, ridges and rocky outcrops.
    The flower is in long racemes, with the fruit being bright pink to red, with a inflated, vein-like appearance.
    It is thought that the plant was introduced into Australia with camels, either as feed or accidentally as seed in saddles or packing. The plant is a native to northern Africa and western Asia, but is now classified as a weed in all mainland states of Australia.
  • Lien internet : ()
  • Lieux : Simpsons gap, Ellery Creek Big Hole, 11ème jour

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