Carnet de voyage en Australie
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Carnet de voyage en Australie :
Darwin - Sydney en 40 jours et 10.000 km

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Australia travel and guide book: Darwin to Sydney in 40 days and 10,000 km
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Eremophila subfloccosa (nom français indéterminé)

  • Nom local : Dense-felted Eremophila
  • Classification (Famille - Genre espèce) : Myoporaceae - Eremophila subfloccosa
  • Description : Référence Australian National Botanic Gardens
    Eremophila subfloccosa (Dense-felted Eremophila) is a beautiful foliage plant. It is a low, spreading, many branched shrub 0.5 to1 m in height by 1-2 m wide. The young growth is densely hairy making it soft and velvety to the touch. Leaves are grey-green to grey-white, ovate-oblong to elliptical-oblong, alternate, 20 to 40 mm long by 8 mm wide, with entire margins.
    The tubular flowers of Eremophila subfloccosa appear singly in axils. Approximately 25 mm long, they are greenish-yellow in colour with prominent protruding stamens. Flowers appear in spring and bloom for approximately 8 to12 weeks. The glabrous fruits are almost globular, 5 to10 mm in diameter.
  • Liens internet : () ()
  • Lieu : Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden
  • Remarque : Endémique australienne

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Eremophila subfloccosa

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