Carnet de voyage en Australie
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Carnet de voyage en Australie :
Darwin - Sydney en 40 jours et 10.000 km

Flore australienne rencontrée

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Australia travel and guide book: Darwin to Sydney in 40 days and 10,000 km
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Pois du désert

  • Nom local : Sturt's Desert Pea
  • Classification (Famille - Genre espèce) : Fabaceae - Swainsona formosa
  • Description : Référence Ausemade
    In its natural habitat, Sturt’s Desert Pea is a perennial plant with an almost silky grey-green pinnate foliage which grows prostrate spreading across the ground, that has erect flower clusters. There are two recognised forms - the inland form with a black boss, and the northern form, with a pale red boss. Other naturally occurring hybridisation within the species have given rise to plants with a pure white, pale pink, apricot and bicolours flower, with or without the black boss.
    Leaves: close examination shows that the leaves and stems are covered with downy hairs. The leaves pinnate with about 13-15 hairy leaflets, that decrease in size towards the apex.
    Flowers: the flowers are usually arranged in a clusters of three to eight on a thick, short, erect stalks. The flower itself are about 9 cm from tip to tip and is usually a blood red or scarlet. A variation to the colour range from white to deep pink. The standard petal is pointed upwards and has a shiny black, sometimes red or pale dome (“boss”) at the base. The keel is the same length and points downwards. There are two small “wings” petals below the boss pointing in the same direction as the keel.
    Fruit: the narrowly ellipsoid pods swell and are about 10-12 mm in length.
  • Lien internet : ()
  • Lieu : Desert park
  • Remarque : Endémique d'Australie

Photo du webmestre

Swainsona formosa

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