Carnet de voyage en Australie
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Carnet de voyage en Australie :
Darwin - Sydney en 40 jours et 10.000 km

Flore australienne rencontrée

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Australia travel and guide book: Darwin to Sydney in 40 days and 10,000 km
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Garapuvú ou encore Guarapuvú

  • Nom local : Guapuruvu or Tower tree
  • Classification : Fabaceae - Schizolobium parahyba
  • Description : Référence World Agroforestry Center
    Schizolobium parahybum is unarmed, with a cylindrical bole, high buttresses and a wide spreading, open crown. Leaves bipinnate, large; pinnae 15-20 pairs, fernlike; leaflets small, elliptic, 10-20 pairs, stipules absent. Flowers golden yellow, large, profusely produced in axillary semi-erect racemes or terminal panicles; bracts minute; bracteoles absent; calyx tube obliquely turbinate; lobes 5, overlapping, reflexed at flowering; petals 5, clawed, subequal, overlapping, uppermost petal innermost; stamens 10, free, subdeclinate; filaments villous, basally rough; anthers uniform, longitudinally dehiscent; ovary subsessile affixed to 1 side of calyx tube, many-ovuled, style filiform; stigma minute, terminal. Pod flat, spoon or tear-drop shaped, exocarp firm, leathery, tardily dehiscent. Seed large, oblong, compressed, located near apex. The genus Schizolobium has 4-5 members. The generic name is derived from the Greek verb schizo, “divide” and lobion, “pod”; the inner and outer layers of the pod separate at maturity, whereas the specific epithet is after the Parahyba River in Brazil.
  • Lien internet :
  • Lieu : Camping Mary River

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Schizolobium parahyba

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