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Carnet de voyage en Australie :
Darwin - Sydney en 40 jours et 10.000 km

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Australia travel and guide book: Darwin to Sydney in 40 days and 10,000 km
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Pin bunya ou Pin de Norfolk

  • Nom local : Bunya pine / Bunya or Hoop pine / Moreton Bay pine / colonial pine / Arakaria / Dorrigo Pine
  • Classification (Famille - Genre espèce) : Araucariaceae - Araucaria bidwillii ou Araucaria cunninghamii
  • Description : Référence Gymnosperm Database
    Araucaria bidwillii : Monoecious tree up to 50 m tall and 150 cm dbh. Crown pyramidal in younger trees, becoming conspicously dome-shaped in the mature tree, the outline of the crown defined by dense tufts of branchlets and foliage at the branch ends. As with most other Araucarias, the branches are produced from regular whorls. The bark is dark brown to black, flaking in scales up to 2.5 × 7.5 cm, on mature trees usually 5-10 cm thick and deeply furrowed. Leaves differ between juvenile and mature trees. Those of juvenile trees (or perhaps, simply leaves produced in the shade of the forest understory) are glossy, light-green, narrow, 2.5--5 cm long, and stiff with a sharp point. They are arranged in two rows on the branchlets. Leaves of mature trees (leaves produced in the crown and exposed to the sun) are arrayed radially around the branchlet (and often are overlapping), spreading, glossy, dark-green, 0.7-2.8 cm long, lanceolate or triangular-ovate, flattened, coriaceous, lacking a midvein but with numerous, parallel, thin veins; stomatal lines are abaxial. Trees begin to bear cones at about 14 years of age. The northern populations differ from the southern in that the leaves are wider and not sharply pointed. Pollen cones, usually appearing in April and maturing in September or October, are are up to 20 cm long, axillary, solitary, cylindric, produced on the ends of short lateral branches. Seed cones are produced between December and March about 17 months after pollination. The cones are unmistakeable: ovoid-subglobose, ca. 30 × 22 cm, weighing up to 10 kg, dark green. Bracts are oblong-elliptic or oblong-ovate, margin relatively thick, wingless, apex triangular, reflexed; seed scales thickened, exposed at apex. Each cone contains 50-100 seeds that are about 2.5 cm long, elongate-elliptic, wingless, encased in a thin, tough, buff-colored integument
    Araucaria cunninghamii : An asymetrical tree to 60 m. tall, 4 m. in girth. Bark rough, in horizontal bands, exfoliating in fine circular bands. Branches long, branchlets in tufts at the ends. Seasonal branchlets to 2 cm. in diameter. Juvenile leaves spirally arranged, green or glaucous, margins entire, flattened, stomata on both surfaces. Adult leaves scale-like, 0.8-2 cm. long, incurved, acute, imbricate, keeled on both sides, stomata on both surfaces. Male cone cylindrical, 2-3 cm. long by 5-7 mm. wide, with short involucral leaves, with 10 scales; microsporophylls rhombic, obtuse. Female cone ovoid, symetrical, 8-10 cm. long by 6-8 cm. wide, scales with longer reflexed spines than the New Guinea plants. Seeds 1.5 cm. long by 6-7 mm. wide, with narrow wings. Cotyledons 2, germination epigeal.
    Bark heavily impregnated with resin, thus much more resistant to decay than the wood.
  • Liens internet :
    Araucaria bidwillii : ()
    Araucaria cunninghamii : ()
  • Lieu : Adelaide botanic park
  • Remarque : 3 espèces endémiques d'Australie dont ces deux là, la 3ème possède sa propre fiche.

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